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Why do you need an internet website?

How long do you spend on the computer?

When was the last time you used register for finding of information for firms?

 When was the last time you used Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Well, that is the answer.

What is the difference between webpage and website?

The difference between these two things is the same as the difference between page of the book and whole book itself. The webpage is a content of a website, and the website is a system of related web pages with common design and navigation.

Stages in creating the webstie:

1.Preparation of the materials

The success of a website depends on what information you would give us for the content of your website.

Designers who promise that they will create a “professional” website without your intervention will mislead you.

2.Construction of the website

You should send me the initial materials (text, images etc.) which you have prepared, along with your conception of what you want to achieve by your website.

You can download templates here -  

3.You should register your domain – this is the name of the website.

The name of the domain, which you want your website to be registered, is important! It is the identification of your company.

Especially pay attention to the selection of that name.

If you registration of the domain is not clear for you, I could assume that part.


Host – internet space (part of server), on which you can install your website.

If hosting is not clear for you I could assume that part also.

After your website is build, it would need to be maintained. You will be able to update the content of your website. In case that the website needs more complex update you could contact me.

Why should you choose me?

Trust me. I can justify your trust.